Can anyone tell me some time saving keyboard shortcuts for Revit please?

I'm getting better at Revit but what are some good time saving shortcuts?

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revitus • 30th January 2014

I apologize on behalf of my previous (supposed) reply - I think I was hacked. I always import my custom Keyboard Shortcuts file and continue to revise and refine them to accommodate the latest features. I don't use numbers or symbols as that post suggests. Sorry.

Anonymous • 17th October 2012

By default Revit has shortcuts, for example: 2d mode= 32, Object mode= 3O, Cancel= CG, Delete= DE, Hide Element= HH, Rotate= RO. You should take a look at there they have a PDF file of all the default shortcuts

astronotbumi • 17th October 2012

You import keyboard shortcuts from a text or XML file, you do this by View tab > Windows panel > User Interface drop-down > Keyboard Shortcuts > Import > Select file and open

revitus • 16th October 2012

You can create your own shortcuts by using numbers and , . / ' ; [ ] - =

lukej2000 • 15th October 2012

Check out the posts at:
What Revit Wants: keyboard shortcuts

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