Revit Questions

l want to download this product, in an Autodesk Revit format. Is it available or can we please request it?

modlar, Modlar Administrator

There is no BIM files available for this model. We will send your request to the manufacturer and hopefully to have BIM files

Where do you get inspiration

jamesx, Designer
14th October 2015

How often do you use Pinterest? Any other websites you goto?

I have imported a family or .rfa file in from another platform and i cannot see the items when i load it into

I am having a problem whereby when i place my window in the correct position, the sill gets cut which does not

I am having problems with rendering a file in my camera view. The file is pretty large but not too big that it

I am having trouble drawing multiple floors and showing the 4th or 5th floors the same as the 1st or 2nd.

bill.gilliss, Architect

Creating a level does not create a corresponding plan view. To do this, go to View > Create > Plan Views > Floor Plan, and a

If i wanted to change the unit settings either temporarily or permanent, how would i go about doing this.

bill.gilliss, Architect

Manage > Settings > Project Units

Is there a way to rotate and move an annotation of a Revit family

How do i create a Revit family that has adjustable grips.

Is there a way to use multiple wall finishes on the same footing or elevation on a wall to showcase a customer

bill.gilliss, Architect

Select the wall in an elevation view. It helps if you turn off most other categories, Then... Split Face. Paint.

I am battling to plot a particular scale sized view of a drawing in Revit. how would i be able to plot a certa

I am having issues when my walls intersect as they are cutting into each other and even they have butt join en

Is there any way of repositioning the origin point ( 0,0,0) over a reference point elsewhere in a drawing besi

Will any other Architectural or engineering softwares convert a file, so that either Revit or Archicad are abl

I am looking for a plugin or option that will allow me to control exterior airflow within my design so i can s

How would i go about controlling the development protocols aimed around standardising families so that we don'

I have been having this synchronisation error when i open a file that is clashing with another file that one o

Is there a plug in for Revit that will help me with conducting a structural analysis on families.

I am seeking clarification on how to name the file so that the internal ref no is distinguishable from the pro

I have heard so many great things about utilising the MEP within Revit and would like to know how best to use