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I have a model that was started a few months back and the loor levels were never changed from the default (i.e. Level 1 = 0"). Is there a way to move the entire model up so Level 1 = 100'-0"?

How to reduce file size in Revit? • 28th January 2013

I'm already at 390mb and I need to know how to reduce my file size, any suggestions?

Revit family? • 18th November 2012

Does anyone have a Revit family for arrows that adjust to any scale. I want to use it to show bar the ranges for reinforcement detailing as a 2D detail. Currently I have done a family but I can't get the family to scale.

How can I select and zoom into a specific element in my Revit BIM model

What Revit add-ins are people using and how much time do they save you?

What to use for Clash Detection? • 15th October 2012

What tools are best for BIM clash detection.

How can I easily export my Revit model to a PDF file to share with others.

I'm getting better at Revit but what are some good time saving shortcuts?

I can't edit in 3D view? I thought you can. What am I doing wrong.

Making one wall invisible? • 10th October 2012

Pretty simple I'd like to make one of my walls invisible, is it possible to do this in Revit?

I'd like to change Revit to the view so I can see all windows, how do I do this?