Revit Help Questions

Changing Level Height of Ent

CADDMan, Architect • 2013

I have a model that was started a few months back and the loor levels were never changed from the default (i.e. Level 1 = 0"). Is there a way to move the entire model up so Level 1 = 100'-0"?

Fredy, Architect

I think the best way to do is moving the whole model in one action to do this follow the next points: 1- Open an "elevation view" (north, east or any of that, even a section) 2- Go to "Manage" 3- at the "Project Location" on manage click on "Position" tab and choose "Relocate Project" 4- Now c... 5 More Answers

How to reduce file size in R, Other • 2013

I'm already at 390mb and I need to know how to reduce my file size, any suggestions?

Save it as another file, this sometimes works. 9 More Answers

Revit family?

Tye_441, Technician • 2012

Does anyone have a Revit family for arrows that adjust to any scale. I want to use it to show bar the ranges for reinforcement detailing as a 2D detail. Currently I have done a family but I can't get the family to scale.

bimguru2010, Architect

It won't scale if you've created it with 'Generic Annotation' category. You need to build a 'Detail Component', that would change its size according to the view scale. 1 More Answer

Can I zoom in a particular e

anthony.pope, Architect • 2012

How can I select and zoom into a specific element in my Revit BIM model

dc2012, Architect

You could try to select “Group”, isolate in “View” and then “Zoom Extents”, not sure if this is what you wanted? 2 More Answers

Could anyone recommend any R

barraganarq1, Other • 2012

What Revit add-ins are people using and how much time do they save you?

revitus, Designer

Got to have eTransmit for Revit. Depending on the project and number of links, it saves a ton of time when sharing files with others. 3 More Answers

What to use for Clash Detect

anthony.pope, Architect • 2012

What tools are best for BIM clash detection.

dc2012, Architect

Really depends what clashes you want to detect, different software’s are better at detecting certain types then others. 2 More Answers

How do I get my Revit model

victor.guerrerolinares, Engineer • 2012

How can I easily export my Revit model to a PDF file to share with others.

les, Architect

Print as pdf with Nuance PDF Converter Professional or adobe or any other pdf writer 4 More Answers

Can anyone tell me some time

StellaMorisH, Other • 2012

I'm getting better at Revit but what are some good time saving shortcuts?

revitus, Designer

I apologize on behalf of my previous (supposed) reply - I think I was hacked. I always import my custom Keyboard Shortcuts file and continue to revise and refine them to accommodate the latest features. I don't use numbers or symbols as that post suggests. Sorry. 4 More Answers

Why can't I adjust my model

michaelcameron, Other • 2012

I can't edit in 3D view? I thought you can. What am I doing wrong.

I have the same problem since the first time i installed revit two month ago. i can edit whatsover in elevation and plans but not in 3d view. ive confirmed that it is already in default 3d view i can view it but nothing are able to be edited in that view. the rotation works just fine. can anyone solve this problem? 3 More Answers

Making one wall invisible?

rosenoda, Other • 2012

Pretty simple I'd like to make one of my walls invisible, is it possible to do this in Revit?

nandomogollon, Architect

there are different ways of achieving this. It all depends on what is the purpose of it: You can "hide" a wall or any other element by view. Just select it, right-click, choose "hide in view", then element. You can also demolish the element, or move it to a Phase, or even make it part of a design option. Again, it all depe... 3 More Answers

How do I zoom so I can see a

gregco, Other • 2012

I'd like to change Revit to the view so I can see all windows, how do I do this?

F3, it will zoom all the tiled windows to their extents (to fit). 2 More Answers