Families Questions

The ability to rotate and mo

miked, Other • 2014

Is there a way to rotate and move an annotation of a Revit family

When to utilise Revit famili

pauly, Other • 2014

How would i go about controlling the development protocols aimed around standardising families so that we don't duplicate or damage them once created.

Finding the correct plug in

gregco, Other • 2014

Is there a plug in for Revit that will help me with conducting a structural analysis on families.

Issues with linetype setting

nbhargava, Architect • 2013

I have created a family of a toilet pod using revit 2013. I'm currently trying to produce detailed elevations/ sections of this family. However, when I try to override the line style of certail lines, (i.e 2d model lines I have drawn directly onto the family wa... Read More

Who is the best manufacturer

ayden, Other • 2013

Finding appropriate families..

We have some great ones in the library especially for Autodesk Revit! Such as; Gaggenau: http://www.bimstop.com/profile/gaggenau/ Delta: http://www.bimstop.com/profile/delta.faucet/ Thermador: http://www.bimstop.com/profile/thermador/

Some times, downloaded objec

nicolas.muntz, Engineer • 2013

I have downloaded a nice toilet (Kohler Saile 3564), but it prefers hosting on the wall. When you place it in Coarse and medium, there is only seen a box. In fine mode you see the toilet. I have changed and took that box out, but it is still there. The only way to p... Read More

Hi Nicolas, I take you are meaning when you place it in Autodesk Revit. I can't see the family in our library, are you able to post a link to it? It sounds like the family has not been built properly, not an error at your end!

how can i create a door fami

mohamed.bassiony, Engineer • 2013

how can i create a door families from scratch with give the door the full features of the basic door family  so can you give me a full steps to start creating it and how can i edit an exicting door family 

revitus, Designer

To understand how to develop parametric door families, start by watching the hour long Autodesk University video AB110-1P (All in the Family - Creating Parametric Parts in Revit Architecture). 1 More Answer

Is there a way to embed an i

afaust2, Other • 2013

I am wondering if Revit is smart enough to allow you to embed an image of a cut sheet/picture into a family.  I am working with a bunch of equipment and it would be extremely helpful if I was able to click on the piece of equipment and see all of the info - mor... Read More

geraldbrinlee, Architect

You might think about "Archicad" it does it very smartly. 4 More Answers

Changing family templates. I

sangheon.park, Architect • 2012

I want to edit one of the Revit family templates, how can I do this?

JayZallan, Architect

in RVT 2013: 1) Create a new family from the desired family template 2) Edit as needed to get to your desired new family template 3) Save as a family (in the Templates folder or other appropriate location) 4) Change the extension from .rfa to .rft (accept the file extension change warnings) 3 More Answers