Families Questions

I have imported a family or .rfa file in from another platform and i cannot see the items when i load it into

Is there a way to rotate and move an annotation of a Revit family

How do i create a Revit family that has adjustable grips.

How would i go about controlling the development protocols aimed around standardising families so that we don'

Is there a plug in for Revit that will help me with conducting a structural analysis on families.

I have created a family of a toilet pod using revit 2013. I'm currently trying to produce detailed elevations...

Finding appropriate families..

We have some great ones in the library especially for Autodesk Revit! Such as; Gaggenau: http://www.bimstop.com/profile/ga

I have downloaded a nice toilet (Kohler Saile 3564), but it prefers hosting on the wall. When you place it in ...

Hi Nicolas, I take you are meaning when you place it in Autodesk Revit. I can't see the family in our library, are you abl

how can i create a door families from scratch with give the door the full features of the basic door family  

revitus, Designer

To understand how to develop parametric door families, start by watching the hour long Autodesk University video AB110-1P (Al

I am wondering if Revit is smart enough to allow you to embed an image of a cut sheet/picture into a family. ...

geraldbrinlee, Architect

You might think about "Archicad" it does it very smartly.

I want to edit one of the Revit family templates, how can I do this?

JayZallan, Architect

in RVT 2013: 1) Create a new family from the desired family template 2) Edit as needed to get to your desired new family t