BIM Questions

How are IFC Files used in de

alan-lucas, Technician • Apr 18

How are IFC files actually used? Are they editable? I've been put in charge of BIM because I have 30 years CAD experience. But the people in charge don't really understand BIM and I'm not getting the training! Anyway, what i want to know is: How if an IFC file ACTUA... Read More

gurbe-van-belle, Architect

See bim as advanced pdf: handy for exchanging information, as an underlay (linked file) from one disciplie to the next, for mark-up and clashcontrol by non-moddelers, calculation and maintenance. Not to be used to exchange between designers that need to co-operate 8 More Answers

How many people are using G

scott.barrington, Other • Sep 15

I'm starting to hear a lot of noise from our users about Graphisoft's tablet based BIMx tool?How many people are actively using it and do you find it useful?

BIM Level 3 and the standard

matthew-croxford, Other • 2014

Could you please help me in completing my Dissertation survey? Its only one question and should take you no longer than a minute, and is completely confidential.I'm very keen to understand the general view of the industry on BIM and the certainty as to how it progre... Read More

If i want to work as BIm, wh

gavin-lau, Other • 2014

I m currently a year 12 student and I want to become part of the BIM Sorry for bad English thank you

ilia-khouri, Architect

I'm an Architecture student, and I spend most of my time working on BIM. Hope this helps. 1 More Answer

How to reduce file size in R, Other • 2013

I'm already at 390mb and I need to know how to reduce my file size, any suggestions?

revitus, Designer

I once came across a project file that was 330 Mb (2-Story 15,000 s.f. Public Library Renovation with a 12,000 s.f. addition). As I investigated it, there was a simple profile family being used in a fascia that had a .tif file linked in. Removing the .tif file and re-loading the family brought the project down to 47 Mb! I concur with all prev... 5 More Answers

What is the average/reasonab

tom.schanen, Other • 2013

I would like to find out what is a good frame per second figure to produce good quality animation but not take hours and hours to render!

It takes like 5 minutes to render every frame, at least in Revit it can, so I guess work from there you don’t want to wait days. 3 More Answers

What render software to use

costel.bizgan, Other • 2013

Hi, could anyone tell me the best render software (and that is not to expensive), as I would really like to do some professional renders for my current projects in Revit 2013.

Artlantis is the best in my opinion. 5 More Answers

Tips for reducing rendering

violeta.marinova, Other • 2013

I know rendering normally takes a bit of time so does anyone have tips for reducing rendering time?

Really also depends on the software you are using, if you do rendering often it is probably worth buying a good rendering software. 3 More Answers

How do we model standing sea

adam.vase, Architect • 2013

Standing Seam roofs drive me nuts. I have read a lot of forums. Nowhere can I find accurate information on that. Any help will be appreciated.

revitus, Designer

I guess it depends on how specific you want it to look. I use a material called Roofing - Metal Standing Seam that I set to use an ootb Relief Pattern called Standing.Seam.png to control the Render Appearance, and a simple Model Surface Pattern called Standing Seam - 16" (etc.) to control it's graphics for Plans and Elevations, and it wo...

Which formats can I export i

hans.severloh, Architect • 2012

I would like to put some 3ds Max objects into my Revit projects, for example, is this possible?

I would't try to import 3ds you'll be disappointed by the results as it just ends up becoming a real hassle. 2 More Answers

What is an 'average' file si

miked, Other • 2012

I'm a little bit worried about my current file size, I'm at 350mb and not even finished yet! What is an acceptable file size to have?

Gsudif, Other

Anywhere between 200mb-1gb, I would say. 5 More Answers

Communication for changes? H

mikey, Other • 2012

Currently working on a project with multiple people and just curious if there is a great way to communicate the changes made by each person?

werner.pereira, Architect

I would suggest creating a template that maybe everyone fills out, e.g. stating all the changes, but not sure if that would get to complicated especially because that's quite dependant upon the number of changes and the number of people involved. 1 More Answer

Legal issues around BIM?

Rachel.Beckingham, Architect • 2012

As the adoption of BIM (Building Information Modeling) is happening faster and faster, what legal issues have people found around it? For example: -Who owns the model? -Who takes ultimate (legal) responsibility for its accuracy?

oldtexas, Other

with all this talk about sharing models... the sale pitch for bim... i find that no one wants to share due to liability...thus unless you can find a legal way around your sharing of your model.... don't count on others wanting to take on that liability....i find bim useful strictly as an inhouse tool.... the give the paper to the rest of the... 2 More Answers

Moving from a trial version

marcoariveros, Architect • 2012

I'm currently using an ArchiCAD trial version, if I decide to buy the 'full' version will I be able to convert/transfer my files?

I haven't done this but I have heard that when you buy the actual ArchiCAD the trial version automatically switches to 'full' version and the files you created in the trial version will be converted to your new 'full' ArchiCAD files. But this only works if you are using the same computer for both the trial and full version. Hope that helps! 3 More Answers

What is Open BIM?

astronotbumi, Engineer • 2012

Could someone please explain to me what 'Open BIM' is please? Is it just one type of company using it?

marcelvo, Other

Hi, Check out and for details on Open BIM. Google is a great resource! Marcel 3 More Answers

Could anyone tell me good bo

camelsmith, Designer • 2012

Just wanting to have a read about BIM, how it’s best implemented, used etc. Could anyone recommend any good books, ebooks, whitepapers.

Daniel.Lang, Designer

For more the implementation side take a look at Building Information Modeling: A Strategic Implementation Guide for Engineers, Constructors and Real Estate Asset Managers. 6 More Answers

Workshops for ArchiCAD?

t_charles_t, Architect • 2012

Like my previous question, but this time for ArchiCAD, are there any workshops, seminars or webinars available? Maybe even ones run by independents?

You could start by looking at the Graphisoft website where they have many resources that can point you in the correct direction regarding education and training for ArchiCAD. The tutorials that they have are step by step with accompanying videos that teach as you go and are excellent. Beyond that if you want more, Eric Bobrow is an excellent... 4 More Answers

What is the difference betwe

alessio.perruquet, Technician • 2012

I have seen BIMx used or mentioned, but what is the actual difference between BIMx and BIM?

marcelvo, Other

Hi, You mean xBIM -go to eXtensible Building Information Modelling - although my personal interpretation for BIM would be Building Information Management. There is a lot of BUM around too :) (Bloody Ugly Modelling) Marcel 3 More Answers

Difference between CAD and B

dc2012, Architect • 2012

Just starting out and am wanting to know what the difference between CAD and BIM is.

3D CAD describes buildings by 3D views such as elevations, plans and sections. 3 More Answers

What is the general cost of

alexminculescu, Designer • 2012

I am looking at the ROI of BIM and would really like to know the costs involved with BIM, as not many businesses reveal the costs straight out.

As an example Revit displays its prices on the Autodesk website, see 2 More Answers

Difference between 3D, 4D, 5

revitus, Designer • 2012

New to BIM, so just really interested in knowing what’s the difference between 3D, 4D, 5D and 6D.

rosenoda, Other

The differences between the different levels is really the amount of information present. You start with 3D and then add levels of information with each step. 4 More Answers