BIM Help Questions

I would like to find out what is a good frame per second figure to produce good quality animation but not take

It takes like 5 minutes to render every frame, at least in Revit it can, so I guess work from there you don’t want to wait

I know rendering normally takes a bit of time so does anyone have tips for reducing rendering time?

Really also depends on the software you are using, if you do rendering often it is probably worth buying a good rendering sof

Hi, I’m dipping my hand into creating Revit objects is there anyway to lock the files so no-one can edit the

seifert, Engineer

no, you cannot lock families

I am wanting to create some of my own objects on ArchiCAD, and since this is a community of people creating an

Found this book online, only one that was available for viewing for free so maybe it's worth a shot?

How to capture screenshot/im

Gerd, Architect
4 Answers 11th December 2012

I want to capture some images from BIMx, is this possible?

tbes2030, Designer

The new BIMx for AC 16 allows camera/video options, so not sure which version your using?

I'm currently using an ArchiCAD trial version, if I decide to buy the 'full' version will I be able to convert

I haven't done this but I have heard that when you buy the actual ArchiCAD the trial version automatically switches to 'full'

What is Open BIM?

astronotbumi, Engineer
4 Answers 8th November 2012

Could someone please explain to me what 'Open BIM' is please? Is it just one type of company using it?

marcelvo, Other

Hi, Check out and for details on Open BIM. Google is a great resource!

Just wanting to have a read about BIM, how it’s best implemented, used etc. Could anyone recommend any good

Daniel.Lang, Designer

For more the implementation side take a look at Building Information Modeling: A Strategic Implementation Guide for Engineers

Workshops for ArchiCAD?

t_charles_t, Architect
5 Answers 28th October 2012

Like my previous question, but this time for ArchiCAD, are there any workshops, seminars or webinars available

You could start by looking at the Graphisoft website where they have many resources that can point you in the correct directi

I have seen BIMx used or mentioned, but what is the actual difference between BIMx and BIM?

marcelvo, Other

Hi, You mean xBIM -go to eXtensible Building Information Modelling - although my personal interpretati

Difference between CAD and B

dc2012, Architect
4 Answers 24th October 2012

Just starting out and am wanting to know what the difference between CAD and BIM is.

3D CAD describes buildings by 3D views such as elevations, plans and sections.

I am looking at the ROI of BIM and would really like to know the costs involved with BIM, as not many business

As an example Revit displays its prices on the Autodesk website, see

New to BIM, so just really interested in knowing what’s the difference between 3D, 4D, 5D and 6D.

rosenoda, Other

The differences between the different levels is really the amount of information present. You start with 3D and then add leve

In general what is/are the rule(s) about buying BIM software from certain companies or resellers over others.

marcoariveros, Architect

For example Revit (or AutoCAD products) is available through several resellers, but to me the resellers job here is not just

Hey, I'm quite new to using BIM, what software is available for creating BIM models.

nandomogollon, Architect

There are several, and I will mention just the most populars, and you can divide them in 5 big groups depending in the Discip

How can I make the windows and doors always appear this way.

mikey, Other

However if you’re using AC 10 or lower try 3D Window Settings > Effects > Transparency in Shading, then select off.

I've just upgraded and lost all my old office standards! How can I get them back

McclouD, Architect

I wouldn’t import your Work Environment from your old AC as you'll get a duplicate of your old custom palettes/menus etc.

What are some great ArchiCAD add-ons and which ones should I be using.

SketchUp, Google Maps, Google 3D Warehouse for Archicad (“The Google Earth Connections add-on package”), Piranesi and Cin

BIMx: how to share?

amado_sanchez, Technician
3 Answers 16th October 2012

I want to show my clients my BIM models, is BIMx the easiest way to share it with them.

Additionally, the BIMx Community Site provides means for you to post it on there.

Is there a tracking command in ArchiCAD and how can I use.

kero, Architect

To be it a bit more clear to enter your distance; if you want to your chair to be 10" from the horizontal wall and 3" from th