In ArchiCad is there such thing as a tracking command?

Is there a tracking command in ArchiCAD and how can I use.

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kero • 22nd October 2012

To be it a bit more clear to enter your distance; if you want to your chair to be 10" from the horizontal wall and 3" from the vertical wall, then type y 0-10+, type x 0-3- and hit enter.

alexminculescu • 18th October 2012

Yes there is, just drag your object to the reference point > press TAB > type your distance (for example, type X3-0- which will move the object in the x direction 3'-0" positive (left), if you want to move it to the right replace the + with -) > click Enter. This command is for moving objects a certain distance to/from other objects (i.e wall, door)

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