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Modlar - Connecting intelligent design with excellent products.

Founded in 2007 by architect Scott Barrington, Modlar is the evolution in design for the AEC community and marketing for product manufacturers.

Modlar creates 3D Smart BIM objects of building products for architects, engineers, designers, and contractors (AEC) to utilize in all stages of design.

Modlar is the only company that provides the AEC community with free access to 6 BIM file formats, enabling collaborative work for specifiers, while ensuring the design process is efficient, productive and green.

Anything from a set of window blinds, to structural beams (behind the wall materials), to appliances and furnishings, can now be accessed by Modlar's global network of over 58,000 specifiers.

With Modlar, building product manufacturers have access to a whole new market - online. In addition to catalogs, manufacturers can reach the vast specifier market that is searching online for their products. Specifiers are 4x more likely to download and include actual building products in their designs than try and create a product design from a catalog. By providing AECs with the ability to quickly and easily download products into designs, manufacturers are guaranteed to increase sales.

Modlar at a glance:

SPECIFIERS (Architects, Engineers, Designers, Contractors)
Over 58,000
PRODUCTS (From building manufacturers)
Over 21,000

How it Works:


Modlar will create BIM ready models of your products in 6 major formats


Modlar with syndicate your products to our network of over 50,000 specifiers


Your products are specified in the design phase and sales increase


Receive monthly or quarterly reports on your product performance

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