• Helo Light Commercial Steam by Amerec

Helo Light Commercial Steam by Amerec

Whatever the size of your facility, these days it is more important than ever to ensure customer comfort and satisfaction. Amerec's 3K and 3T Series steam generators help you create added value for guests cost effectively. Easy to maintain and service, the 3K and 3T Series steam generators are designed for use in smaller commercial steam baths that are operated for short, intermittent periods of time. Their relatively compact size means they can be fitted even when space is at a premium, allowing you to turn underused space into a wellness center that will be appreciated. At the same time, they are powerful enough to provide a steady flow of soft, gentle steam at even temperature, ensuring maximum guest comfort.

Don't let the size of the 3K/T Series steam generators fool you. Each provides more than enough power to heat and steam the room dimensions for which it was designed. Yet their relatively compact size give you storage options, letting you plan a more effective use of space at your facility.

3K/T Series generators are purpose-designed for easy coupling - multiple units can be connected together to effectively heat large steam rooms up to 1,500 cu. ft. The 3K/T Series makes maintenance and access very easy, and included power-saving features that help keep electricity bills low.
Compact yet powerful generators provide soft, even steam and dependable ongoing performance
Easily coupled for large room application, easy to control and service
Effective power and water consumption lets you provide cost-effective guest amenity that will be appreciated
We are happy to help advise you free of charge on the generator configuration that makes most sense for your facility

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About the Brand

Helo Commercial

The benefits of saunas and steam baths are well documented - making these amenities essential for health clubs and other commercial installations. They have also become "must have" home amenities.

To ensure maximum enjoyment and performance from your sauna and steam bath, choose Helo Sauna and Steam - the world's oldest and largest sauna company.

Design: Helo's reputation as the "commercial experts" begins with well thought out design assistance and architectural drawings. This ensures you get exactly what you want - a sauna and/or steam bath to fit your requirements.
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