Enertech Global, LLC

When it comes to Enertech geothermal systems, there's nothing more important than quality. In fact, we believe that quality is everyone's job, and it's taken seriously from start to finish. And it's not just because we want to make good products, it's because we are proud to make the best products.

To ensure this, every product must meet strict standards. In fact, our testing is the most robust in the industry. Every unit coming off of the assembly line visits a state-of-the-art testing station, which includes a computerized run test station, featuring helium leak detection and waterside decay testing.

These tests take place in our production facility located in Mitchell, South Dakota, just past the world's only Corn Palace and endless span of rich American farmland. That's where we build incredible geothermal systems, test them, and ship to contractors across the U.S. and Canada. With our continuous focus on improvement and quality, reliability has become one of our greatest assets and one that you can count on as well.