EasyRock is an imitation stone paneling system that gives you the elegance of stone, without compromising the properties of what makes stone great. Our EasyRock patented in-mold coloration process gives our panels a realistic stone appearance required to satisfy even the most discerning eye. Our panels are molded from real rocks, and our pigment is achieved by using real rock dust.

We at EasyRock are very excited to bring you the beauty of stone, without the need of a stone mason. We specialize in creating high quality faux stone panels and matching accessories for the North American market.

Our Hardcoat technology is a coating applied to every panel and accessory to make them scratch and impact resistant. We use natural stone dust - not paint - to color our products, which is why you will find rich marbling throughout every piece. Our stone panels are energy efficient because they are composed primarily of polyurethane, which is lightweight and provides an incredible 4.5R Value/inch to your walls!

Canyon Ledgestone - Terra Nova

Panel Size: 8" x 44 1/8"(Actual coverage...