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Functional Facades

Veronica R, Other • Aug 15

A building's facade is often the most important aspect of design. The facade is the first thing that people see, and in recent years, innovative facade designs and systems have created some of the world's most interesting facades. Today, facades also provide function and are not merely meant to look interesting or beautiful but aim to enhance a bu... Read More


Brutalist Buildings - Beasts

Veronica R, Other • Aug 9

The brutalism movement of architecture that became popular all over the world from the '50s to the '70s was started by Le Corbusier. This became the style of choice with governmental, educational, and institutional buildings as well as low-cost housing, libraries, and shopping centers. Brutalist buildings were thought by many as unfit for purpose,... Read More


Container Architecture

Veronica R, Other • Aug 8

Container architecture, also known as cargotecture, is a form of architecture using steel or aluminum shipping containers as a structural element. These containers, which have been used to build permanent and temporary residential and commercial spaces, have become a popular choice as a building material by many designers globally. Architectural Us... Read More


Converting Shipping Containe

Veronica R, Other • Aug 4

Building with shipping containers has fast become a popular way to create residential and commercial spaces. Not only are containers trendy, but they are readily available and environmentally friendly. Although most shipping container structures look simple, a lot of work goes into building one that is fit to live or work in. Planning Before all... Read More


Constructing facades for dif

Veronica R, Other • Aug 3

For a building to have a facade that maximizes energy efficiency while providing a comfortable environment for its occupants, each facade may be designed in a way that is best suitable based on the climate. In the United States, these climates are divided into zones and are generally described as either hot, cold, or mixed. The sun's seasonal move... Read More


When buildings become breath

Veronica R, Other • Jul 28

The Biomimicry Institute in the United States defines biomimicry as "an approach to innovation that seeks sustainable solutions to human challenges by emulating nature's time-tested patterns and strategies." It applies not only to architecture, but in fields such as transportation, agriculture, and medicine, and work in three different l... Read More


Bamboo as a Construction Mat

Veronica R, Other • Jul 7

Bamboo as a construction material is traditionally associated with the cultures of Central and South America, Asia and the South Pacific. It can be used to build entire homes and other structures that are earthquake-resistant and can survive strong winds and storms. Only a few of thousands of known bamboo species can be used for construction purpos... Read More


Building with Aluminum Panel

Veronica R, Other • Jul 7

Aluminum, which is often referred to as a "miracle metal," is the second most widely used metal in building after steel. First, used as decorative detailing and then in roofing, flashing and wall panels, it is now considered as a construction material that is energy-efficient and sustainable. In the United States, aluminum-intensive Lead... Read More


Passive Cooling Techniques

Veronica R, Other • Jul 5

Passive cooling is a way of designing a building that focuses on improving indoor heat to a comfortable level with little or no energy consumption. This is often done through non-mechanical conditioning solutions that involve preventing heat from entering the building or by removing heat from the building. To be effective, passive cooling, which is... Read More


Creating a Rooftop Garden

Veronica R, Other • Jun 30

A building with a roof that is partially or completely covered with plants is known as a green roof, eco-roof, vegetated roof, or living roof. The three types of green roofs, which were developed in Germany in the 1960s, are intensive roofs, semi-intensive and extensive roofs. No matter the type, these rooftop gardens have many environmental benefi... Read More


Insulation Methods for Shipp

Veronica R, Other • Jun 29

A shipping container used as a residential or commercial space needs be insulated well if it is not designed in such a way that it cools or heats itself. This is especially true in areas with extremely hot or cold weather. You can properly insulate a container using different types of insulation. Batts and Blankets The most common type of insula... Read More


Converting barns into modern

Anthony M, Engineer • Jun 18

Barns have been used for centuries as housing for livestock and as storage sections for farm produce. Eradication of farming has left these structures barely in use. Thus, as designers, we have the responsibility to convert these available spaces to modernized human settlements. One of the most distinguishing elements of old barns is their heavy us... Read More


How to strengthen timber fra

Anthony M, Engineer • Jun 16

Timber framed houses are considered to be weak and can easily be damaged on the onset of an earthquake or any other natural catastrophe. To prevent such scenarios one is advised to put into place structural modifications to strengthen the wooden frame. When building a house from scratch, a lot has to be considered especially the type of wood to be... Read More


How to construct curved wood

Anthony M, Engineer • Jun 16

Wood has been used in the construction sector for an extended period. This has helped in coming up with great ideas of manipulating the regular appearance of the plain wood structure to more sophisticated and stylish designs. There are some ways to curve timber. However, I would refer the use of Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL). This is a durable wood... Read More


Making a good glass roofing

Anthony M, Engineer • Jun 10

The evolution of glass technology means roofing, glass extensions and sun pipes can flood dark areas of the house with light thus increasing the feeling of space and simultaneously providing an uninterrupted view of the garden and the immediate environment. Natural light is one of the key factors to be considered when constructing a house and archi... Read More


How to properly install floa

Anthony M, Engineer • Jun 9

A floating roof is a type of roof that is installed in storage tanks which are used in the oil refinery and petrochemical industry. The floating roof floats directly on top of the stored material. This eliminates the possibility of a flammable atmosphere. It also acts as a primary means of vapor control from the storage tank. The floating roof shou... Read More


How To Install Solid Wooden

Anthony M, Engineer • Jun 8

Wooden floors are part of the elements that make a house to look exquisite. The installation procedures for wooden floors require the expertise of professionals. This is because; the processes involved are delicate and require an individual to practice extra care. Laminated wood floors are some of the most popular materials that are used for floori... Read More