Could anyone tell me good books to read about BIM in general?

Michael S
Just wanting to have a read about BIM, how it’s best implemented, used etc. Could anyone recommend any good books, ebooks, whitepapers.

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Daniel L • 2012

For more the implementation side take a look at Building Information Modeling: A Strategic Implementation Guide for Engineers, Constructors and Real Estate Asset Managers.

Sherri W • 2012

For general BIM knowledge I would recommend “BIM Handbook: A Guide to Building Information Modeling for Owners, Managers, Designers, Engineers and Contractors

Marcel v • 2012


Search for 'Mastering Revit Architecture 2013' - great reference material. And follow any publications, papers from Phil Read - the master of the universe of Revit!


Steve H • 2014

Deke Smith and Mike Tardiff covered the why and how of BIM very well in their book: "Building Information Modeling: A Strategic Implementation Guide for Architects, Engineers, Constructors, and Real Estate Asset Managers". smith bimAs the Executive Director of the buildingSMART alliance, Deke leads in the developement of the consensus based NBIM-US national BIM standard.

Benjamin C • 2012

If you want a design side implementation then you already have some good suggestions. Having read a couple of the suggestions BIM really came together for me with the AGC BIM courses, you could just buy the books if you want a Project (Owner, Designer, Contractor, and Installer) perspective on implementation.

Tyrone P • 2012

I found that this book is really good at explaining BIM and most of the associated principles. Definitely reccomend it. BIM and Integrated Design by Randy Deutsch


Lejla B, Architect • 2012