New Christchurch City Recovery Plan

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New Christchurch City Plan

And the plan is here! So what do we think of the new plan of the garden city of Christchurch in New Zealand? After the devastating February 22nd 2011 earthquake in the city, Christchurch is now planning for the city centres future. The city plan was devised after 100 days and completed with consultation with the city’s residents.

It’s great to see some 3D modeling of the new city plan, do you think they are or will be using BIM? It would be great to see CERA and the Christchurch City Council use BIM to show the new buildings going up in the city. It would definitely provide better visualization of each building, which is great for the building/land owners and city residents.

3D Model Christchurch City Plan

New Plan for the Christchurch City



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