BIM Education: A Collaborative Approach

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Someone posted a very interesting comment on our last post on BIM Education and now we would like to take a look at his recommended reading “BIM in Practice – BIM Education”. In our last blog post we discussed how BIM is being developed into University curriculum and questioned whether undergraduate and postgraduate education is responsible for teaching future BIM practitioners or if it was the job of the industry.

Now we are not are going to give away too much away because we want you to take a read of the paper, but what we can tell you is that this paper discusses:

  • The objectives of the BIM Education Working Group (EWG)
  • An examination of the current status of BIM Education in academia, professional associations and organisational training
  • Presents two new frameworks, the BIM Learning Spectrum and the Collaborative BIM Education Framework
  • Recommendations for the future of BIM education

What the paper supports is a very collaborative approach to BIM Education, supporting that academia and industry can work together to develop a BIM curriculum.

With an industry that is increasingly embracing BIM, as seen for example in the Business Value of BIM in North America Reports (2012 and 2009), education in BIM is essential to preparing the industry to fully adopt the full potential of BIM. The paper clearly sees learners as not just those within the tertiary institutions but also those within the AEC industry and any individual in any sector involved with BIM.

“BIM in Practice – BIM Education” published by the Australian Institute of Architects (AIA) and Consult Australia (CA) in August 2012, can be downloaded directly from (PDF 554KB) or from (free registration required). This paper is certainly an interesting read, so if you are interested in the current status of BIM education and possible future direction of BIM education, take a read! If other readers have any other recommended readings please let us know.

  • Bilal Succar

    Thank you for reviewing the BIM in Practice – BIM Education documents….Greatly appreciated!



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