2012: The Year that Was

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Happy New Year! BIMstop wishes everyone a happy 2013 and looks forward to what 2013 holds for us and the community.

2012 was a year that had many changes for both our website and BIM in the community, so we have decided to compile a brief history of the important postings of 2012.

2012 was an exciting year around BIM, let’s take a look back at the news from 2012:


OpenBIM is launched in March

New Zealand National BIM Survey is released in April

Apple campus 2 update and renders are released in June (OK, not BIM related but much anticipated!)

We learnt that the world’s tallest building would be ready in 90 Days in August

The Porsche Design Tower is designed using BIM in September

A new award is launched, The Autodesk Excellence in Infrastructure, in October

Gehry Technologies, GTeam, is launched in November

Build Qatar Live went underway in November

The 2012 Business Value of BIM in North America is out in December


BIMstop went through many changes over 2012, have a look at all we have achieved:


Release of the new BIMstop profiles in February

Embedded BIM content becomes available in February 

Contact invite is available in February

BIMstop becomes a finalist in the NZ Hi Tech Awards in March

We release an activity feed for profiles in April

We introduce community and manufacturer BIM content upload tags in April

BIMstop connects with LinkedIn in June

BIMstop integrates with Dropbox in June

Release of BIM Projects in June

BIMstop was available in the Facebook app store in August

Private BIM libraries is launched in August

BIMstop Questions and Answers page goes live in October

The BIMstop Revit 2013 plugin is available on the Autodesk Exchange in November

A site wide activity feed is launched in November

A new verification system is launched in November


We have thoroughly enjoyed 2012 and we can’t wait for the changes 2013 will bring!




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