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The time difference from someone specifying, to actually buying.

Posted by scottbarrington in ArchiCAD, BIM, Marketing, Revit on April 25th, 2010 No Comments

There’s always been a huge difference in the time from when someone specify’s a manufacturers product, until the product is actually bought (and/or built). This can be anywhere from months to years. As everything now days is speeding up, construction times, manufacturing times, this gap is getting smaller. However it’s still there. This brings us… read more

What I’d like in a BIM server

Posted by scottbarrington in BIM on April 20th, 2010 8 Comments

There’s a few different BIM “server” options showing up and to be honest we’d like a cross between all of them. Graphisoft’s BIM server for ArchiCAD has brought some fantastic features to the table, as does (open source). Rather than dwell on what we don’t like about them, I figure it would be better… read more

New Website launched.

Posted by scottbarrington in General News on April 15th, 2010 3 Comments

Our new website is here. We hope everybody will enjoy the new “cleaner” layout & find it easier to browse. We’ve also added some great new features, such as sharing & commenting tools. One of our goals for 2010 is to put more time & effort into our blog posts, so keep an eye out… read more

Questions about BIM? (Building Information Modeling)

Posted by scottbarrington in BIM on April 8th, 2010 No Comments

We’ve got a new website on the way, which is very exciting! We get a lot of requests for information about “BIM” (Building Information Modeling) and our new website is going to have a lot of great content which we hope will answer a lot of questions for people. In the mean time for anyone… read more



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