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Covering all of the BIM bases.

Posted by scottbarrington in BIM on December 9th, 2009 No Comments

We are finding more & more manufacturers are coming to us for Revit families of their products. It is great to see them embracing BIM (building information modeling) & we are happy to help create the families for them. As well as help distribute the finished Revit content. However although providing Revit families to Revit users is essential…. read more

What’s new @ Barrington Arch

Posted by scottbarrington in BIM, Revit on December 6th, 2009 No Comments

As usual we’ve been busy! We’ve been working a range of different projects in different areas, which is great. From developing BIM content (for Revit & ArchiCAD) to launching some web apps for the iPhone – more on this next week. We are currently helping to develop some BIM content for Blue Giant Corporation, which… read more



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