Archive for July, 2009 – 3D for everyone.

Posted by scottbarrington in Web 3D on July 22nd, 2009 No Comments

We are very excited to annouce the launch of! has been a huge work in progress and grew out of a need our BIM customers had. This need was that they weren’t able to easily view the amazing BIM content we had built for them. That is without having to go through the… read more

Testimony from EverGlow USA

Posted by scottbarrington in Testimonies on July 20th, 2009 No Comments

Recently we have been working with EverGlow NA Inc. to help them integrate their products into the latest BIM softwares (ArchiCAD & Revit). Below is a testimony from Charles V. Barlow from EverGlow: What were your perceptions about our service – and were you reluctant in any way before you came to us? We found… read more

Take our BIM objects for a spin!

Posted by scottbarrington in ArchiCAD, BIM on July 9th, 2009 No Comments

A question we get asked often by clients is: “How can we see/try out our new BIM objects?” When investing in BIM content for your companies product it is often hard to see what you are getting. Your customers (Architects, Engineers & Technicians etc) will love them, but how can you put them to more… read more

Barrington Arch on BIM

Posted by scottbarrington in BIM on July 5th, 2009 No Comments

We recently helped write an article for the NZ Construction News magazine. It’s a simple article to try and help educate more people on Building Information Modeling and how it effect them & their companies. Below is the Article which will appear in the July ‘09 edition of NZ Construction News magazine, and is reproduced… read more



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