Woven Image Textile library for ArchiCAD and Revit

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Woven Image Textile library for ArchiCAD userThis library in ArchiCAD attribute format (.aat) can be easily loaded via ArchiCAD's attribute manager allowing you to easily add Woven Image's great range to everything from walls to furniture.Download and unzip the files, the zipped files include Woven Image Texture.aat and a Textures folder. Simply add the Woven Image Texture.aat to your library using the Attribute Manager and load Textures folder via the Library Manager. The Woven Image textures will then appear in your Materials selector with full Lightworks render capibilities.This attribute file works with ArchiCAD 13 and higher.Woven Image Textile library for Revit userWoven Image Textile for Revit including with the Wovenimage project template.rte which is the Revit template project file and Wovenimage Texture folder. Users can transfer Woven image project materials to other working projects easily.Download and unzip the files, Simply add the Woven Image to the project material using the Transfer Project Standards and select material. Save Wovenimage Texture folder under C: on user's computer. The Woven Image textiles will then appear in user's Materials selector. If the texture image files are set to physical path, users will receive warning about files cannot be found and need to adjust the image files path.This project file works with Revit Architecture 2011 and higher.The following ranges are included:ArrowBroadwayCasinoDino stripeEcho Screen HexEcho Screen LunarEchopanel 27Echopanel 27 FrequencyEchopanel 27 HexEchopanel 27 PuzzleEchopanel CeremonyEchopanel MuraEchopanel Mura BilineEchopanel Mura OttoEchopanel Mura QuattroEchopanel RippleEchopanel TileEchopanel®Eclat weaveFrequencyFuseGatheringHexHex tileJigsaw crLatitudeQuillRippleRitual

File Types: Revit, ArchiCAD
Country: Australia
Content Type: Manufacturer Specific
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Categories: Finishes, Furnishings, Interior
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edc • 13th April 2012

Not sure whats happening bur i"m getting a brick texture coming through in the lightworks render engine rather than the fabric.


Modlar • 13th April 2012

Thanks for that, we'll get one of our engineers to check it asap!

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