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Horiso® Dynamic Facade Control System

The Horiso® Dynamic Facade Controller integrates all operable building envelope systems into a single distributive network. This unique network approach allows each controller to perform individual tasks while cooperating with other building envelope systems.

The Dynamic Facade Controller is a two motor controller designed specifically for the operation of motorised shading systems. In addition to controlling two motors, each controller is capable of accepting six dry contact inputs. Programmable layers allow for the addition of sensors and A/V system integration. The controller operates stand-alone 
or networked using BACnet/MSTP over RS-485.

The Dynamic Facade Controller manages internal light and glare by responding actively to varying environmental conditions via signals or inputs from devices such as sun and wind sensors, switches, remotes, timers or a combination of all five. The system is compatible with all shading systems featured on this site.

Overall, the Dynamic Facade Control System maximises indoor environmental quality and reduces energy consumption; creating comfortable, productive and sustainable built environments.

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