Celcrete Cladding Revit Families

1 0 New Zealand

Celcrete Cladding Solutions Revit families.

This package has Revit families for the range of Celcrete components & products including:

  • Celcrete 50mm hollow sill flashing.rfa

  • Celcrete Base cap.rfa

  • Celcrete Batten ties.rfa

  • Celcrete Control joint moulding.rfa

  • Celcrete Reveal bead.rfa

  • Celcrete Soffit Moulding.rfa

  • Celcrete Standard batten.rfa

  • Celcrete Standard Panel.rfa

  • Celcrete Vent.rfa

  • Celcrete Window head moulding.rfa

These families work with Revit 2010 and higher.

For more information on Celcrete Cladding Solutions visit: www.celcretecladding.co.nz

File Type: Revit
Country: New Zealand
Content Type: Manufacturer Specific
Product Info URL:
Categories: Finishes, Manufactured Masonry, Special Construction, Thermal & Moisture Protection
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