What render software to use for Revit?

costel.bizgan • Posted 6 Answers
Hi, could anyone tell me the best render software (and that is not to expensive), as I would really like to do some professional renders for my current projects in Revit 2013.

Answers (6)

sakis.tatitzikidis • 10th February 2013

Artlantis is the best in my opinion.

tony.moon • 19th March 2013

I like Lumion.

hans.severloh • 1st April 2013

Surprisingly there are actually quite a firms out there who do the renders for you (outsourcing).

olesya.ababkova • 14th March 2013

Quite a few rendering software out there but not always compatible with all BIM software's.

chinedu.austin • 1st February 2013

For me I use artlantics 3.0 what you just need is to download the revit plug in from artlantics website and then export your work to artlantics.is much more easy to use and those not require much skills.combine it with a little photoshop and see the out com.you can visit www.avatconcepts.com.ng/photogallery.php to see works done with it.the good thing is that it saves time.contact me for any assistant.

ashley_emery • 26th February 2013